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We got a great one for you! One of the cutest circle jerk boys are here and he’s gonna have a crazy afternoon as he got his ass banged. He wanted to become a movie director so he took some after school lessons to get a head start on the field and see how things are done by the pros. Well, he learned something from those classes but it didn’t have anything to do with directing or with cinematography in general. Our boy got on the wrong hands and this guy was interested in only thing and that was nailing as many of his students as he could. So yeah he was actually getting paid to fuck cute guys. Luckily for him most of the guys he has to teach are into dudes to he didn’t bump uglies with any of them.

The jocks were actually eager to test out their hot professor and he couldn’t say no to them. Our guy wasn’t too different from all of them and he ended underneath him teach as well getting his ass hammered by him. But not before he showed his teacher just how good he is with blowing dicks and especially jerking them off right there on the set. Now we understand why the teacher doesn’t hire anyone else to work with him. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more!


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