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It was a beautiful day outside and these circle jerk boys enjoyed it to the fullest. Everything took place in the pool and you guys are gonna see more jerking and ass fucking. Today seemed a good day to test out the new gardener and his ass. They were the only two home so everything worked like a charm for them. Once he saw his boss was butt naked in the pool calling for him, he knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary day at work and he was right. His boss was horny as fuck and someone had to take care of that, for the right amount of course. He went to his boss and after discussing the terms of their agreement he proceeded with his part of the deal.

The cute pool boy spends a good part of his day with his boss’ dick in his mouth. There’s no such thing as easy money and if you don’t believe us just look at this guy! But wasn’t paying him for a blowjob, he wanted more so afterward he had to take it up his ass as well. But let’s face it, it wasn’t all work because he was always interested in his boss and now was his shot to test him out. You can see them in action in the circlejerkboys gallery below so make sure you see it! Also you can visit the site and see some hot trannies getting kinky!


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Circle Jerk Boys – I’m Ready For It

Hey there and welcome back! Another of our circle jerk boys got to fuck around with a more experienced guy. These tutors are getting sleazier and sleazier lately, this one also loves fucking younger guys. He was supposed to help him with the math exam he has to take to get accepted into college. From the looks of it, college seems to be the last thing on his mind. The teacher really doesn’t have any fault in this one, the horny teen was the one that started it all when he began hitting on his teacher. Instead of paying attention to what he was explaining the horny guy was busy grabbing his teacher’s dick underneath the table. This wasn’t such a bright idea especially when you’re not alone in the house. But who was he going to tell? That’s the best part of it!

No one would believe that the teen made the first move. So why not take it a bit further and have more privacy? The next session he went to his teacher’s house and learning was the last thing they did. During the two-hour session, they didn’t leave the bedroom and his teacher spend quite some time stuffing his fine little ass and he was ready for it. Nothing can slow these circlejerkboys off as you can see in the gallery below. Enjoy it and see you guys later or enter the site if you want to see a hot t girl getting her tight ass stretched!


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Neighbors and Strangers

Don’t you just love when these circle jerk boys get together? Neighbors and strangers all together jerking off their dicks for you guys. These guys didn’t even know one another before this scene, they were sharing the same neighborhood but never got to know one another. With the help of one of the guys all of this happened, he had a game day at his place this afternoon. He was curious about the new additions from their block so the invited everyone over. What were the chances that all of them will be into dudes? We finally got the proper circlejerkboys getting down, we got the guys, the circle so let the jerking off begin and you know it’s going to be over the roof. Nothing beats these hot guys!

There was a camera placed in the middle as the guys started jerking off their dicks and soon after that it was a cum madness. The guys took turns on jerking off one another’s dick and then got to smash their asses too. At this point, you can’t even tell who’s the stranger from the group. The guys offered us a preview of their hard dicks first and as the scene continues you are going to see it all. Check out the site if you wanna see some hot shemales showing off their big fat cocks!  We hope you guys check out the entire thing to see the circle boys in action. See you next time with more guys jerking off!


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Circle Jerk Boys – Freaky Sheets

The circle jerk boys are back with another steamy update. This time we got to more 18yo guys jerking and riding their dicks in front of the recording cameras. These two met during their boxing training and it wasn’t too hard to notice one another because they were the only two guys there checking other guys out. They weren’t too discreet so that’s pretty much what started it all for them. After practice, they went to the continue their practice. To be fair, there was a lot of equipment for them to use, but the wanted to test out the couch first. The guys were already turned on by their intense two-hour training of checking all the butts in the gym so now it was time for some real action.

They went down fast and after jerking off their dicks and sucking them as well the guy started riding one another on the living room couch. Well if they didn’t train at least the recorded everything and sent it to us. When you think things can’t get any hotter there they are with another great one. See these two getting dirty between the sheets and jerking off their dicks, trust us you are going to see a lot of wanking. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more circlejerkboys in action until then you can check out some of the older updates!


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Instant Attraction

Don’t you just love when you see these circle jerk boys in action? The guys didn’t hold back on too many things, they even fucked in the middle of the locker room. This is their first scene, it literally was an instant attraction for them. Both of them were transferred in the same time, so it was easier to spend time together. No one likes talking to the new guys in the first day there so the guys spend all their training together and found out some really interesting things. Both of them are into guys and currently single. Isn’t that good news? After the continued being ignored for the rest of the training, the silence treatment continued in the locker room as well where everyone minded their own business and left. You might think that this upset them, but it was actually the opposite, the guys couldn’t be happier about it and you’re gonna find out soon why!


Now they were alone in there with no one bothering them. New school, new friends but the same old good habits. After a good sweating on the field, there has to be some sweating in the locker room as well, it’s a must. The ripped off jocks didn’t waste too much time and after locking the door the guys proceeded to nail their asses on the middle of the locker room. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more circlejerkboys updates!

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Circle Jerk Boys Click

We got a great one for you! One of the cutest circle jerk boys are here and he’s gonna have a crazy afternoon as he got his ass banged. He wanted to become a movie director so he took some after school lessons to get a head start on the field and see how things are done by the pros. Well, he learned something from those classes but it didn’t have anything to do with directing or with cinematography in general. Our boy got on the wrong hands and this guy was interested in only thing and that was nailing as many of his students as he could. So yeah he was actually getting paid to fuck cute guys. Luckily for him most of the guys he has to teach are into dudes to he didn’t bump uglies with any of them.

The jocks were actually eager to test out their hot professor and he couldn’t say no to them. Our guy wasn’t too different from all of them and he ended underneath him teach as well getting his ass hammered by him. But not before he showed his teacher just how good he is with blowing dicks and especially jerking them off right there on the set. Now we understand why the teacher doesn’t hire anyone else to work with him. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more!


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High School Sweethearts

Well, the name says is all. These two circle jerk boys are high school sweethearts that continue their romance and by romance, we mean their ass fucking sessions. The two horny jocks had a blast nailing their asses and you can see that in the update below. The high school sweethearts kept it all behind closed doors so every time they had the house for themselves they made the best of it. Our circle jocks, because they are more experienced than most of the guys we have around here, showed just how good their are in the sack and didn’t hold back on too many things. The guys started rubbing one another’s dick and continued with their asses. We know that you like seeing your guys jerking off their dicks and you can check out the gallery you are going to see that too.

These guys don’t mess around and you can see them as they shoved their rock hard dicks up their fine asses deeper and deeper and dumped their loads. The younger guys could learn a thing or two from these two and hopefully, we can get a part two from these two. We are sure that they can surprise us with more hardcore gay fucking. This was all for today but make sure you return for more circlejerkboys action. Until then you can check out some of the older updates too!


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Circle Jerk Boys – A Real Circle Jerk

The circle jerk boys are back in action, jerking off one another’s dick in this latest update. These 18yo guys sure know how to have a good time and the more they are the better it is. As you can see in the preview below this time they are only three guys but no worries they are more than enough. They are named the jerk boys for a reason and we think that it’s pretty obvious why. While the guys were on the coach the began rubbing off one another’s dick and didn’t stop until they got all covered up jizz. But there is so much more happening so stay tuned to see it all!

When we first got the scene we couldn’t wait to see how things end for these three hot guys and it was amazing, the entire thing was amazing. The guys, of course, didn’t stop there and as you are going to see in the scene below they had to get some backdoor action too. So don’t be surprised to see these three hot guys taking turns on shoving their dicks up one another’s ass in this hot update. You never know where things might end with them and that makes it so much more interesting. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more steamy updates featuring your favorite circlejerkboys in more guy on guy action! Also you can enter the site and enjoy watching some gorgeous shemales masturbating!


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Coach’s Jock Strap

This coach just couldn’t keep it in his pants and one of them circle jerk boys got his ass nailed by him. The coach had a really special way of checking out his players and a lot of that involved watching them change and shower. That was a big signal for everyone and they understood it pretty fast, you should never be alone with the coach in an empty room. Well not everyone was listening because our hot boy here was the last to leave the shower and told his boys to go without him. Big mistake! Once everyone left, the coach waited for him in the locker room half naked ready for some action.

It’s not like he could say something about it to someone else and he didn’t have anywhere else to leave, so it was a sure deal. The horny coach already grabbed his dick before he could tell a thing and before you know it he started nailing his tight ass on the bench in the middle of the locker room. The ripped jock got his coach’s one on one training and from that day on he was never the last to leave the locker room. But this also got him on the coach’s good side. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for more steamy updates from the horny circlejerkboys. See you next time with another great update! Until then, check out the site and see some cock hungry shemales fucking one another’s ass!


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Circle Jerk Boys – 4 Guys 4 Cocks

The circle jerk boys are back and this time we got four guys jerking off for you lucky guys. But these guys didn’t stop there. They actually met to take care of some of their school assignments, but things didn’t go as planned. They had this essay to make for one of their classes so they met after school to take care of it. They went to the only guy that was home alone and although they started with the project they found something more interesting to do and jerking off their dicks was one of those things. The jerk boys had a great time jerking off their dicks and then sucking them off too. This only made them hornier so there’s no way they are going to stop there and their asses were next in line to get stuffed.

Don’t you just love seeing these hot 18yo jerk boys pleasing one another by stuffing their asses, shoving those dicks deeper and deeper in one another’s ass? You can see them in action in the scene we have for you guys and you going to love as much as we did. These guys are amazing just like the shemales from the site and when was the last time you saw four hot guys in the same scene? We wanted to bring you something special and this is the best scene! Enjoy it and see you guys next time!


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