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Working Out Makes Me Horny

We got more circle jerk boys in the locker room for you guys. Working out really turns these guys on and most of the time they ended up banging their asses by the end of the day. Nobody leaves the locker room without getting fucked. Our hunk found a new guy to drill and things went pretty smooth for them. He needed some help around the gym and our guy was ready to lend his hand. Their little bound continued in the locker room where the new guy got to show him just how thankful he really is for all his help and he found the best way to show it. Working out really makes them horny, a bit too horny.

The jocks had the room just for themselves and made the best out of it trying out every little corner of it. The circlejerkboys got to shove their hard dick up one another’s tight ass and dump their loads. The ripped hunks took turns on banging and jerking off their dicks. This was all for today but make sure you take a look at the latest locker room fucking session. We can’t wait to see more action from out favorite guys and we are sure that you guys feel the same way. Enjoy it and until next time make sure you take a look at some of the older updates as well. See you next time!


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Circle Jerk Boys – Your Sweat On

The circle jerk boys are back and they got another steamy scene from the locker room. These hot and horny guys sure love banging in the locker room! We don’t understand why but there’s something about this place and attracts everyone. Maybe it’s the adrenalin that you might get caught, who knows. But one thing is for sure these two circle guys offered us an amazing scene. The horny guys love sweating, but the best sweat, for them, is after the workout in a more private place. The other guys know about them, so they only have to be careful with the coaches. But let’s face it everyone knows what goes down in there after the guys finish their workouts. Either way, we sure love these locker room updates!


After the last guy left the room, they were already jerking off their dicks, warming up for another intense ass fucking marathon. So right in the middle of the place, on one of the benches, they got to nail their asses, shoving their hard tools deeper and deeper in one another’s ass. Sweat mode is on! The best part is that these jocks are up to pretty much everything and as you are going to see below they don’t really say no to a lot of things. See these two hot circlejerkboys in action in the entire scene below and don’t forget to return for more steamy updates. Stay tuned and enjoy!

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What If We Get Caught

Well this time we are not actually dealing with circle jerk boys. These guys are a bit older than most of the guys we have around here. That doesn’t mean that the hunks don’t do a great job fucking their asses. These two are both working in the same school but they share a bit more than that. After catching so many of their students fucking in the locker room, they were curious to try it out for themselves. This afternoon after their training the two horny coaches were the one spending more time in the locker room. It was one of those things that you think about but never think that it might actually happen.

They made sure that all of their students left and they got to test the benches for themselves. The horny guys loved the adrenalin rush, the idea that they could get caught in the action. Both of them had a lot at stake and that only turned them on more. The ripped jocks put all that tension to work as they began pleasing one another. It took us a bit to get used to the two more experienced jocks but we gotta give it to them, they did an amazing job nailing their asses. This was all for today but stay tuned for more steamy updates featuring your favorite circlejerkboys in action. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!


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Circle Jerk Boys – Time To Get It

It’s time that the circle jerk boys get back in the sack for more action. The jocks had a blast nailing their asses and blowing one another’s dick in front of the rolling cameras. The two hot guys just moved in the same house and they spend their first day together. It didn’t take them too long to figure out that both of them are into guys and to make their moves on one another. The guys speed things up a bit and in no time they were on the living room couch taking turns on riding one another’s hard dick and getting drenched in cum. Both are young and horny so what better way to celebrate their new place than with an intense ass fucking session. These two are going to have a great time sharing the same house!

We think these two are going to get along just fine and hopefully, this isn’t their last update and we’re going to see more for them in the future. The circlejerkboys didn’t forget about the most important things and they actually spend quite some time jerking one another’s dick and if you don’t believe us you can check out the picture gallery that we have for you guys below. The guys did it again and you get to see it all in the update below. Enjoy it and make sure you return to see more jocks in action tomorrow.


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Undeniable Proof

Hey guys and welcome back! The circle jerk boys are up to no good in this one either. As you can see the guys found a better way of spending their time than doing their homework. Nothing could’ve kept them away from that bed and from slamming their asses. The cute horny guys had good intentions but they were just too horny to do that, so it wasn’t too hard to move all the action in the sack. Their clothes were on the floor in no time and then the actual fun could begin. The circle boys didn’t hold back from a lot of things, as you are going to see in the scene we got ready for you guys below.


The horny jocks started it all with an intense blowjob session where you are going to see them sucking off one another’s cock and getting drenched in cum afterward. But wait, there’s more, so much more that you guys have to check out! You didn’t actually think that this was it for them, right? The hot jocks had to stuff their fine asses and dump their loads to finish it in the best way possible. The circlejerkboys did it again and we had to share it with you guys, to see just how dirty things can get between them. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more steamy updates, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s scene!

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Circle Jerk Boys – The Three Amigos

You just can’t catch a break with these circle jerk boys, as you can see below they are back. The three amigos got to jerk off their dicks and they did it all for you guys. The cute college hunks got back home for their spring break and they got together as soon as they could. They were really eager to catch up and they did it the best way possible. The jerk boys started the camera and they began taking off their clothes. After teasing us for a bit the clothes were finally off so we got to see their great bodies and their hard dicks. These guys sure love posing in front of the camera.

We got the best seat in the house for all of this, so you get to see the cute guys jerking off one another’s dick right in front of you. The guys didn’t hurry at all and they offered us an amazing scene filled with great shots that include blowjobs and handjobs. The guys gave one another a hand and soon after this, the guys started jerking off one another’s dick. It didn’t really happen in a circle but we still got to see what we wanted. Cute guys jerking off their dicks. The three amigos continued with their fun afternoon and couldn’t finish until they got a taste of one another’s ass too. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!


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Time For The Bukkake

Circle jerk boys have another intense scene for you guys. This time everything happens in the locker room where you get to see the jocks blowing one another’s dick. After a hard workout, the guys continued the fun in the locker room where no one was going to bother you. The cute athletes jock decided to share it with us and we couldn’t be happier about it. The four jocks started it all in the shower where the guys had a quick session of jerking off and then moved the fun in the middle of the locker room. As you can tell this isn’t the first time this happened and the guys aren’t the only ones looking forward to their after training action. We couldn’t wait to see these jocks in action and we are sure that you guys feel the same way.


The guys were butt naked and ready for some action, so things got hot pretty fast for them. After they finished cock sucking the guys got down to nailing their asses. But this time this isn’t the more intense part of the scene because the guys offered us an amazing bukkake. So you better check out the scene to see this poor guy getting all drenched in cum as the circlejerkboys gets in action. You can see it all in the update below and don’t forget to return for more steamy gays updates.

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Circle Jerk Boys – Son Baked

One of the circle jerk boys is back with his great update. In this one, he got to test out his new step daddy, and you all know what that actually means. The youngster got his ass hammered by his new daddy. The cute guy just met his dad’s new man and as you can see things went pretty well between them. The hot guy just got back home for his spring break and while his dad was busy with work, he got to spend some time with his step daddy. Things went well than expected and you can see it all below!

Well, he found out pretty soon that his new daddy isn’t shy at all, so when he wants something he usually gets it, or him, to be more exact. When he was alone with his step daddy he made his move and while they were in his bedroom things got more and more intense between them. The circle guys didn’t leave the bedroom the entire day and the older and more experienced hunk got to nail his fine ass. So the family bond went pretty well and these two got to know one another and make up for all the lost time. Pretty sure this isn’t what his dad had in mind, but this will be their little secret. Enjoy it and make sure you check out the entire circlejerkboys picture gallery. See you guys next time!


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The Casting Couch

The circle jerk boys have something really nice for you guys. This time we got a new guy trying out for a porn movie and the entire casting interview was recorded. You get to see the jock getting fucked while trying to get the part. The cute new guy was broke and in a desperate need of money and this seemed a pretty nice way of getting it. This, of course, is the easiest way of getting cash and although this guy never tried something like this. So yes, you are going to see a straight horny guy getting his ass pounded for some cash. We gotta give it to him, he took it really well for a straight guy and you can see it all in the gallery below.

Besides getting his ass fucked he also got to nail his partner’s ass. The casting couch saw a lot of action lately, but it’s been a while since the last time it saw a first timer there. The horny amateur surprised everyone in the best way possible and below you can see him getting his ass nailed and his mouth stuffed by a bug hard dick. We’ll be back next time with more casting couch updates for you guys. Until them check him out in action in the circlejerkboys update below and don’t forget to check out some of the older updates as well!


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Circle Jerk Boys – Our First 3-way

Hey there and welcome back! The circle jerk boys are back and this time we got a threesome, their first threesome. Don’t you just love when these hot guys try out new things? We sure do! And you will too after seeing these three taking turns on drilling their asses. Although we got you used to younger guys we just had to share this with you guys. The jerk guys had everything working for them, all into guys sharing the same place and a lot of free time on their hands. College life sure suits them and you know what everyone says, college is the perfect time to try out new things, so why not an intense threesome. But stay tuned because things only get hotter!

The circle jerk boys teased us at first with some close-up, showing off those fine asses and hard dicks and then got down to business. The horny jocks spent quite some time blowing one another’s dick but y’all know this is just the start to it all. Things only got hotter and hotter with these two and in no time the guys were taking turns on getting their asses hammered, stuffed by their hard dicks. You gotta check them out because these jocks really love trying out new things and trust us things get really wild. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with another great update!


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