Circle Jerk Boys – Freaky Sheets

The circle jerk boys are back with another steamy update. This time we got to more 18yo guys jerking and riding their dicks in front of the recording cameras. These two met during their boxing training and it wasn’t too hard to notice one another because they were the only two guys there checking other guys out. They weren’t too discreet so that’s pretty much what started it all for them. After practice, they went to the continue their practice. To be fair, there was a lot of equipment for them to use, but the wanted to test out the couch first. The guys were already turned on by their intense two-hour training of checking all the butts in the gym so now it was time for some real action.

They went down fast and after jerking off their dicks and sucking them as well the guy started riding one another on the living room couch. Well if they didn’t train at least the recorded everything and sent it to us. When you think things can’t get any hotter there they are with another great one. See these two getting dirty between the sheets and jerking off their dicks, trust us you are going to see a lot of wanking. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more circlejerkboys in action until then you can check out some of the older updates!


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