Instant Attraction

Don’t you just love when you see these circle jerk boys in action? The guys didn’t hold back on too many things, they even fucked in the middle of the locker room. This is their first scene, it literally was an instant attraction for them. Both of them were transferred in the same time, so it was easier to spend time together. No one likes talking to the new guys in the first day there so the guys spend all their training together and found out some really interesting things. Both of them are into guys and currently single. Isn’t that good news? After the continued being ignored for the rest of the training, the silence treatment continued in the locker room as well where everyone minded their own business and left. You might think that this upset them, but it was actually the opposite, the guys couldn’t be happier about it and you’re gonna find out soon why!


Now they were alone in there with no one bothering them. New school, new friends but the same old good habits. After a good sweating on the field, there has to be some sweating in the locker room as well, it’s a must. The ripped off jocks didn’t waste too much time and after locking the door the guys proceeded to nail their asses on the middle of the locker room. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more circlejerkboys updates!

Watch here these jocks hammering their asses!