Your Sweat On

The circle jerk boys are back and they got another steamy scene from the locker room. These hot and horny guys sure love banging in the locker room! We don’t understand why but there’s something about this place and attracts everyone. Maybe it’s the adrenalin that you might get caught, who knows. But one thing is for sure these two circle guys offered us an amazing scene. The horny guys love sweating, but the best sweat, for them, is after the workout in a more private place. The other guys know about them, so they only have to be careful with the coaches. But let’s face it everyone knows what goes down in there after the guys finish their workouts. Either way, we sure love these locker room updates!


After the last guy left the room, they were already jerking off their dicks, warming up for another intense ass fucking marathon. So right in the middle of the place, on one of the benches, they got to nail their asses, shoving their hard tools deeper and deeper in one another’s ass. Sweat mode is on! The best part is that these jocks are up to pretty much everything and as you are going to see below they don’t really say no to a lot of things. See these two hot circlejerkboys in action in the entire scene below and don’t forget to return for more steamy updates. Stay tuned and enjoy!

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