Our First 3-way – Circle Jerk Boys

Hey there and welcome back! The circle jerk boys are back and this time we got a threesome, their first threesome. Don’t you just love when these hot guys try out new things? We sure do! And you will too after seeing these three taking turns on drilling their asses. Although we got you used to younger guys we just had to share this with you guys. The jerk guys had everything working for them, all into guys sharing the same place and a lot of free time on their hands. College life sure suits them and you know what everyone says, college is the perfect time to try out new things, so why not an intense threesome. But stay tuned because things only get hotter!

The circle jerk boys teased us at first with some close-up, showing off those fine asses and hard dicks and then got down to business. The horny jocks spent quite some time blowing one another’s dick but y’all know this is just the start to it all. Things only got hotter and hotter with these two and in no time the guys were taking turns on getting their asses hammered, stuffed by their hard dicks. You gotta check them out because these jocks really love trying out new things and trust us things get really wild. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with another great update!


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