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Circle Jerk Boys video feat. Josh and Aaron

Another fresh week and time for one more superb and sexy circle jerk boys update. In this one we have the superb studs Josh and Aaron. Last week you got to see Damian and Nick doing kind of the same thing as well in their video then too, but rest assured that this one is even more amazing and awesome as well. So take your time to see one more superb double feature with two studs as they get to have some steamy gay sex for you today and see them in action as they have all afternoon to play with each other. We know that you want to, so let’s just get their show on the road to see them in action without delay.

The circlejerkboys scene serves also as a personal thank you for sticking with us for so long everyone. And you know that we always bring you the best of the best. Well coming back on track with this one today, you can see that the two guys wanted to show off their nice and superb oral scene as well. Sit back and watch As Josh leans over to suck and slurp on Aaron’s nice and big cock, and see his cock getting jerked off two by his buddy who he is providing the cock sucking to today. We hope you liked it as always and do check out the past updates as well to see more horny guys in action everyone. If you liked this video, join the chaosmen website and watch some gorgeous gay guys sucking some big cocks and getting their asses fucked!

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Circle Jerk Boys Video – Damian and Nick

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today we have a special treat for you in the form of this superb circle jerk boys video for the afternoon. In it you get to see Damian and Nick in a special feature today. The two studs set out to teach you how to give and receive proper blowjobs and we think that the duo did quite the nice job to show off that to you today. It’s a scene that you definitely need to see this afternoon so don’t skip a second of it either. Let’s get this started and see them in action without any delay!

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As the circlejerkboys cameras are starting to roll, the hot stud Damian takes his spot on the couch, and lets his buddy Nick do his thing. Sit back and watch Nick as he starts off with gentle licking and caressing to start getting that cock nice and hard. He takes it in his mouth as well and you can see Damian’s meat making Nick feel happy as it gets harder and bigger between his lips. Enjoy seeing Nick sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion for today’s scene and enjoy. See you next time with more! For similar gay sex videos, check out the site and watch hot gay Cody sucking some big dicks!

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CircleJerkBoys – Office sex

Well here we are once more. This week we bring you two guys that you got to see in some previous circlejerkboys scenes as well. Well we will let you guys figure out which ones they are too. This fine day you get to see the two of them taking the roles of two bosses as the heads of a firm as they get to have some serious fun with one another and enjoying each other’s naked bodies and company for the afternoon. Let’s sit back and see them practice their team work exercises without delay for this afternoon.

They have this routine down to the core as they always like to do this. If anyone wants to learn what the secret to their successful firm is, well it’s basically this. Take your time to see them undressing and kissing passionately and then see them getting to work on each other’s nice and hard cocks as they suck each other off with a thirst. And of course and “exercise” like this wouldn’t be anything without some anal sex either. Enjoy seeing them do that as well for their circle jerk boys scene today! We hope that you enjoyed it everyone! If u enjoyed this scene, enter the naked soldier site and watch some naked soldiers fucking!



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Circle Jerk Boys – Shane Jacobs and Bobby Hudson

Shane and Bobby are the new guys to watch for this new circle jerk boys scene today. Well we are sure that the two studs for today will put on a great show for you and we bet that you will adore it. Bobby is a very horny stud and today he dropped by his boyfriend’s place to see what he’s doing and maybe have some fun too. Well they did end up having fun as you can clearly see, so let’s get the cameras rolling and the show started as we bet that you guys are eager to see what transpired between the two of them today.

circle-jerk-boys-shane-jacobs-and-bobby-hudsonLike we said Bobby is a very horny guy, and he always likes to take his bf’s cock in his ass. His boyfriend was working on the PC and Bobby knew that he could use some relaxation. See Bobby having him sucking his cock to get him nice and hard, and then see our horny guy as he lets Shane plant his hard cock in his ass. Enjoy seeing the guy moan in pleasure as he gets fucked doggie style by his boyfriend today and have fun with this whole scene. We will be back next week as usual with new scenes! Until then, you can enter the site and watch some horny Czech guys fucking each other’s tight ass hole!


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Liam Harkmore and Toby Springs

Well here we are with some more nice and hot circle jerk boys videos to show off to you guys. In this update we have the sexy studs Liam Harkmore and Toby Springs entertaining you. Last week’s show had you enjoying two hot and horny studs having some fun in the bathroom. And some updates ago you got to see another locker room scene with more amazing studs as well. Well we don’t know if these guys are better just yet, as you will have to the the judge. Take your time to see them fucking each other today and decide for yourselves if these two have what it takes to entertain you today!

Well one thing was for sure, and that was that the two circle jerk boys here were very horny and eager to play. As the scene starts the two of them were just in their underwear in the said locker room and all alone. Of course they started to whip out their cocks and you can see them caressing and playing with each other’s nice and big meat poles. Sit back and watch as Liam decided to have his fun with Toby and his cock and rest assured that it’s quite the sight to see. Sit back and watch Liam use his juicy lips to suck and slurp on the mighty cock with a passion and then see him taking a nice and big jizz load all over his face too. Like the horny gay guys from the blog, these hot twinks are crazy about sucking big cocks! Watch them in action! If you want to see some sexy trannies fucking for the camera, join the ladyboygold blog and have fun!



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Circle Jerk Boys- Horny twinks in the bathroom

Another fresh week and time for another amazing and hot circle jerk boys update. In this particular one we have two more studs as they get to enjoy some quality time together in the shower area. The two guys are swimmers and since the rest of the team took off earlier they decided to stay late and train some more. Well that and they had another thing planned as well. And we bet that you already know what that is too. Sit back and enjoy seeing them as they get to fuck each other today.

circle-jerk-boys-scott-cage-and-ian-ticing-bathroom-fuckOf course after the practice they hit the showers to have a more private little spot to fuck in today. As the warm water dripped all over their hot bodies, one of them gets on his knees and starts to suck and slurp on the others nice and big cock with a passion. Take your time to see him working that cock with his juicy lips. Than as a reward he gets to fuck his buddy’s ass as he bends over. Enjoy seeing them fuck all over the place today everyone and do come back next week for some more amazing and hot circlejerkboys galleries! Also you can enter the blog and watch some sexy trannies fucking each others ass, or visit the site and see hot adult star Marcus getting his tight ass stretched to the limits!


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Circle Jerk Boys in the locker room

Since you guys just adored the last circle jerk boys scene we had a few weeks ago here with four guys we decided to bring you another one. To see that particular hot and sexy gay fuck fest, just click here and enjoy it too. But for now we have another set of four hot and horny guys that were eager to have some hard style sexual fun for your enjoyment. Let’s just get the show on the road and see them in action as they get to fuck each other nice and hard for the whole scene and for you today. We know that you are really eager to see them already so let’s just get to it and see them having their nice fun for this superb afternoon today shall we?

The guys just got off their soccer practice and they were all eager and ready to enjoy some nice and kinky fun. They all hit the showers and they were nicely clean now too. Well the thing is that we think that they got to use them once more after they were done with the whole thing today. Anyway, take your time to see one of them working all the other stud’s nice and big cocks today and see them enjoying the oral pleasures that are offered for today. Of course, after that you can see them taking the time to fuck each other in the ass all over the place just for your viewing pleasure. So have fun and see you guys next week as always here at circlejerkboys! Until then, you can watch some sexy strippers getting naked inside the site! See you soon!


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Hardcore classroom fuck

Well for today’s nice and new scene, you get to see one more update with another pair of sexy studs. The two of them had some time to thing about the naughty things that they did this afternoon. The thing is they got detention and the teach left them all alone in the classroom, thinking that the two of them will learn their lesson this way. As you can see, the two studs had other plans for this fine afternoon, but since they couldn’t go back home they decided to have some fun right then and there.


The scene starts with them as they get to start sucking each other’s cocks in the desk first, and then they get to take turns to fuck each other. First guy takes it in the ass on the same desk missionary style as his buddy does one fine job to penetrate and fuck that cute butt nice and hard with his big cock. Then the other guy gets to ride his friend too, and you can see him bouncing up and down that cock until he shoots a load all over himself as the fuck buddy shoots his load in his ass as well! Check out the newest Circle Jerk Boys posts on Twitter! If you liked this update, you can click here and watch some horny gay daddies sucking and fucking senseless! Have fun & stay tuned! Also you can enter the site and see some muscle gay guys in cock stiffening action!


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Straight guys going gay

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to another superb circle jerk boys videos update. For this afternoon we have a special treat for you to see. First off if you want to see another amazing gay fuck, just take your time to click here and enjoy another such amazing scene. But for this one however we have another trio of hot and horny studs that get to show off for you. Well four actually, but one of them was there to each them. The thing is that the three wanted to learn to enjoy some nice and hard PeterFever style gay sex and the fourth one was there to indulge them and show them how to have some fun. So let’s get this show on the road today.

As the scene starts off you can see that the whole thing takes place in a bedroom and of a small bed. Well rest assured that the guys know how to make full use of it anyway. Take your time to see the circle jerk boys as they first undress and do some nice foreplay to show off their superb bodies and big cocks as well. Then the guy gets to the teaching and he has the guys line up as he plans to suck and slurp on each and every one of those nice and hard cocks today. Watch him do just that for this nice and hot afternoon and then see him ending up covered in a nice and sticky layer of their jizz loads today too. If you;re looking for similar gay sex scenes, you can watch some menover30 gay videos! Have fun!


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Alexander Greene and Logan Vaughn

Hey there guys, welcome to a new circle jerk boys update today. In this nice scene you get to see the duo of studs named Alexander Greene and Logan Vaughn as they get to have some nice and hard style sex sessions for your enjoyment this afternoon today. The two studs always like to have a nice and hard fuck with one another when they wake up and this was just the case today as well. Anyway, let’s get straight to the action and see our two studs as they get to enjoy the nice morning fuck fest.


You can see that they were really horny like we said as soon as they opened their eyes. Well that was all they needed to know as they began their little fun circlejerkboys scene on the spot. Take your time to see as they do a nice sixty nine to suck and deep throat each others nice and hard cocks first and foremost. After that you get to see as Alex gets to penetrate Logan’s fine ass as the stud lays on his back with his legs spread. See Logan as he takes a nice ass fucking missionary style courtesy of his fuck buddy today! Enjoy watching this insane scene and don’t forget that you can watch other horny gay guys fucking inside the blog, so check it out and watch horny Peter getting his ass fucked!


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